Sunday, 31 May 2009

Datisca cannabina

Datisca cannabina female
A female plant in the garden here
An amazing large herbaceous perennial from Crete with luxuriant pinnate fresh green leaves on tall arching stems to 7 or 8 ft. The small green flowers appear in long tassels at the ends. Despite its origin, the natural habitat of Datisca is moist and shaded ravines and streamsides, and they grow well in ordinary soils in the UK.
Datisca cannabina male flowers
The male plant
The sexes are separate in this species (it's dioecious) and I believe they are wind pollinated. You can see the pollen in the male flowers and the sticky green stigma of the female.
The plants on offer are two years old and have not flowered yet so if you particularly want one or the other you might have to wait a little while.
1L pots ~ £8

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