Sunday, 31 May 2009

Ribes laurifolium

Ribes laurifolium, originally uploaded by peganum.
Ribes laurifolium male
Another winter flowering shrub and one of my favourites. Nothing like the blackcurrants to which it is related, this is a low, gnarly, rather picturesque evergreen, producing dangling trails of pale greenish yellow flowers from red bracts in earliest spring. Easy-going but probably best with some shade from deciduous trees and shrubs. Grow Cyclamen and Scillas through it.  
Ribes laurifolium male
The male plant (the form known, confusingly, as Amy Doncaster) has more open flowers on slender, peduncles
Ribes laurifolium female
while the female flowers have thicker peduncles (which become the fruits), and a bract behind each flower. Both are lovely in slightly different ways. If you have both you may get some black currants but they are never plentiful. Both plants are available - please specify which you would like.
5L pots ~ £15
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