Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sutherlandia montana

Sutherlandia montana
Sutherlandia (sometimes called Lessertia) includes a number of really gorgeous South African shrubs of small size, with very fine silvery green foliage and large rich red flowers. The fruits are shiny coppery pink balloons.
Sutherlandia montana
Sutherlandias are normally recommended only as container plants in the UK, to be brought in for the winter but so many plants from The Cape are surviving outside these days (Proteas, Ericas, Watsonias...) that I feel these might be worth a try in a very sunny, very dry situation. Sutherlandias come from the Western Cape of South Africa which has a 'Mediterranean' type climate (hot, dry summer/cool moist winter.) These have come through the winter of 2011/12 unprotected in the poly tunnel, which means they will have been frozen in their pots at least a couple of times.
1L pots ~ £8

Please please please, may I humbly request that you check with me that the plants you require are in stock before you order? Otherwise we'll have to arrange refunds. 

Thank you so much.

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