Monday, 9 August 2010

Euptelea polyandra

Euptelea polyandra, originally uploaded by peganum.
A collector's piece - the two species of Euptelea are unusual hardy deciduous small trees or large shrubs (to about 5m), somewhat reminiscent of a Tilia perhaps but not closely related to them or to anything else for that matter.
Euptelea polyandra
The flowers are a dusky reddish colour with prominent anthers but are more curious than striking and this is one of those trees (like Zelkova, Nyssa, Cercidiphyllum or Parrotia for example) grown more for foliage effect and overall form.
Adaptable in sun or semi shade. I've not tried it on chalk, but I've no reason to think it would object as long as not too dry.

10L pots ~ £28 Too large to post

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