Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New for autumn 2011

Elscholzia stauntonii
Elscholtzia stauntonii
Nothing to do with the Californian Poppy (that's Eschscholzia) - this is a smallish shrubby plant related to Agastache, notable for its autumn flowering - the mauve flower spikes contrasting well with the foliage which may turn maroon at that time of year. Aromatic and very easy-going given a sunny spot. 5L pots ~ £10

Dracocephalum grandiflorum  
Dracocephalum grandiflorum
A compact leafy herbaceous perennial producing a mound of rounded green leaves with rich purple ‘Dragon Heads’ on short reddish stems above. For a well drained (but not too dry), sunny (but not too hot) site, if that makes any sense. Basically a large alpine. 
sold out

Cymbalaria hepaticifolia
Cymbalaria hepaticifolia
Forget the common Ivy-leaf Toadflax that festoons shady walls in many parts of the country (pretty though that is) this is a much nicer species with delicate mauve white flowers and fleshy silver marked leaves and spreading without being invasive. Excellent in dry shade but best to avoid big vigorous neighbours. Good cover for hardy Cyclamen. 
3in pots ~ £5

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