Monday 21 May 2012

Iris setosa and hookeri

There seems to be a lot of confusion about Iris setosa and hookeri. They are related and have similarly shaped flowers and occur right across the sub-arctic from Newfoundland through Canada and Alaska across to eastern Siberia and northern Japan. As I understand it the shorter 'alpine' forms, mainly from Canada, have been known as hookeri, while the taller Asiatic forms are known as setosa, but in fact they may in fact just be distinct forms of one variable and widely distributed species.
I seem to have acquired examples of both forms.

Iris hookeri
Iris 'hookeri'
A lovely small species not more than 8ins tall with very finely marked violet flowers. Neat glaucous foliage. Suitable for moist alpine or waterside sites.
1L pots ~ £7

Iris hookeri or setosa
Iris 'setosa'
A medium sized and easily manageable bog iris with very attractive rounded blue flowers.
1L pots ~ £7

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