Sunday, 17 February 2013

Moltkia doerfleri

Moltkia doerfleri

An unusual and uncommon herbaceous perennial making clumps of slender leafy upright stems to 18ins (50cms). The flowers are a bit like comfrey in a sort of blackcurrant purple (what is that colour called?) and produced over a month or two in spring. Understated but very easy.
1L pots ~ £6


Anonymous said...

Try 'Indigo'

Ok drought-y in summer like comfreys?

Steve Law said...

Isn't indigo more blue?. I know it's the dye they originally used for denim. I just did a quick google image search and it's inconclusive. Actually this plant's flowers are an almost royal purple.
Anyway - summer drought. Frankly it's just a very tough plant. I can't imagine it doing well in really parched baked conditions but it's very easy going.