Monday, 8 September 2014

Iris aff. gracilipes purple/gold ex Minya Konka*

Iris cf. gracilipes purple/gold ex Min-ya-Konka
Or at least - that's the name the seed arrived under from SIGNA. It's obviously much larger than gracilipes and with the rich purple gold scribbled flowers it almost looked like it might be a form of chrysographes at first, however, as the plants have matured they have begun to develop that distinctive spreading tussocky foliage of gracilipes (only bigger) but are still only about 10ins tall. Perhaps more importantly, like gracilipes, they've proved more or less immune to the plagues of slugs which deflowered (is that the right word?) many of the other Irises this year.
Iris cf. gracilipes purple/gold ex Min-ya-Konka
Happy and vigorous in a shady woodsy site and not needing massive amounts of water. Brilliant plant.
Only a few as yet but more to come.
1L pots ~ £6

* Mount Gongga (simplified Chinese: 贡嘎山; traditional Chinese: 貢嘎山; pinyin: Gònggá Shān), also known as Minya Konka (Khams Tibetan pinyin: Mi'nyâg Gong'ga Riwo), is the highest mountain in Sichuan province, China. It is also known to locals as "The King of Sichuan Mountains".

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