Thursday, 25 September 2014

Three Small Trees

Acer buergerianum
Acer buergerianum
The Trident Maple. A very pretty small tree or large shrub known for its small glossy three-lobed (hence 'trident') leaves which are coppery when young and colour up well in autumn but don't usually drop until early winter.
Acer buergerianum
Easy and adaptable in mesic* and woodland conditions.
3L pots ~ £12

Triadica sebifera (aka Sapium sebiferum)
Sapium probably sebiferum
The Chinese Tallow Tree - a warm temperate deciduous tree grown for its waxy fruits which are used for soap and candles, but also as a very attractive garden or street tree. The poplar-like foliage turns rich red in autumn. The flowers are small and yellow and catkin-like. This is probably not a good prospect for UK gardens except in very sheltered urban or mild maritime districts but is a good garden tree elsewhere in Europe.
3L pots ~ £11

Zanthoxylum planispinum
Zanthoxylum armatum
A deciduous large shrub or small tree with glossy aromatic pinnate foliage on spiny stems, greenish yellow flowers and red berries in profusion. Though very ornamental this plant is also grown for the seeds which can be used as a kind of pepper (Sichuan Pepper comes from a related tree). The leaves can also be used in the kitchen for their spicy citrusy flavour. Mesic* or woodland conditions.
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*Mesic - a handy ecological term for habitats that are moist but not wet, fairly fertile and not too shady. It describes the preferred growing conditions of many garden plants and is a lot quicker to write than 'moist but freely drained' or 'any retentive soil in sun or semi shade' or 'any reasonable soil'. In nature it corresponds to meadows, woodland clearings, river banks and such-like.

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