Friday, 3 July 2015

Senna corymbosa

Senna corymbosa
Aka Cassia corymbosa. A splendid South American subtropical shrub that produces a succession of large rich golden yellow flowers over dark green pinnate leaves through the summer.
Lapageria rosea, & Senna corymbosa
This species can be grown in a sheltered situation outside in the UK and can put on a wonderful display after a mild winter. After a hard winter it tends to get cut by frost but this just means it begins to flower later in the autumn.
Lapageria rosea, Senna corymbosa & Buddleja salviifolia
The parent plant of these has lived against a south facing wall in mid Sussex through at least the last 10 years and always came back vigorously and flowered before the autumn frost came. If in doubt - mulch heavily, or alternatively, an excellent pot plant for patio or cool greenhouse.
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