Monday, 21 September 2015

Colquhounia coccinea

Colquhounia coccinea
(Pronounced Cohoonia) A very striking but still little grown shrub with very good foliage and vivid scarlet flowers (marked yellow inside) in autumn. The whole plant is trimmed in white felt.
Colquhounia coccinea
After many years without flowers I have realised that this flowers on spurs off the older stems, not so much from the new shoots, as I had assumed. For this reason it is important to keep as much of the previous year's growth as possible. Shelter and a mild winter helps but not cutting them down in winter (as I had been) is the main thing.
Colquhounia coccinea foliage
Flowering relatively late, this species can be shy flowering if it does not get enough sun or if there is an early frost, but well worth persevering with. Also, despite the fact that it looks like it comes from Mediterranean climates, like many Himalayan plants it actually benefits from a fairly good soil and plenty of summer moisture - good drainage, but not dry.
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