Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Pseudowintera colorata

Pseudowintera colorata
A colourful medium-sized evergreen shrub from New Zealand - the foliage olive green/khaki, speckled and tinged with purple and black. It sounds weird but is actually rather lovely. The flowers are small and mustard yellow and not especially ornamental but pleasant.
This has proved to be a good hardy shrub for sun or part shade, but best kept out of freezing winds.
Grindelia chiloensis
New Zealand plants are often cryptically coloured in shades of brown, yellow and even orange and black, almost as if they want to look sick or dead. I assume this is some sort of camouflage against herbivores. The results are not attractive to everyone but are always intriguing. The only large native herbivores in NZ are birds, and in particular, until relatively recently, the giant flightless moa so I guess that's what they were hiding from.
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