Friday, 28 April 2017

Ledebouria Gary Hammer

Ledebouria sp Gary Hammer
I've had a thing for Ledebouria ever since I first came across L.socialis when I was a teenager (Scilla violacea then) because of their interestingly mottled leaves and curious little flowers. It's a mainly African genus with a few species in south west Asia I believe. A few of the South Africans are reputed to be hardy to z7 if kept dry in winter, including this one and L.cooperi. Otherwise they make excellent pot plants for a frost-free greenhouse or stood outside in summer.
Ledebouria sp Garry Hammer
This species produces relatively long leaves with bold black blotches, and spikes of small greyish hyacinth flowers in summer. It is more or less deciduous in winter
10cm pots ~ £6

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