Thursday, 29 October 2020


Arums obtained as concinnum Mt.Ida (bottom) and sp. Crete
A couple of interesting species from the garden here - neither of them correctly named when I got them and both a bit obscure. 

Arum concinnatum Mt.Ida
Arum sp. obtained as 'concinnum Mt.Ida' is probably a form of italicum (Mount Ida is in Crete - outside the distribution of italicum, so who knows?) It has large leaves with well defined pale markings and a scattering of black spots. The spathes seem to me to be unusually large - up to nearly 1ft tall, are pale and marked with maroon lines. A hardy and prolific plant.

Arum aff.  concinnatum Crete
Arum sp. Crete - possibly a new species according to Peter Boyce. This is a smaller, less prolific plant than the above, with plain green leaves, cream spadices, and pale spathes, touched lightly with brown. Seems to be easy and adaptable.

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