Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Fritillaria hupehensis (monantha in part)

Fritillaria hupehensis, a segregate of the F. monanthos complex

This plant has been in the trade for a while now under a few different names. I got it as F.sinica but apparently the above name is correct, or at least, the best I've found so far. 
It's very distinctive both for its very short stature and its large deep pink/white chequered flowers. Basically the stem is only a couple of inches high and the flower is a couple of inches long. The foliage is deep green. 

Fritillaria sinica Pink form?
Unlike many Sino-Himalayan Fritillaries it is not a difficult plant to grow, although I suspect it would prefer cooler conditions than I can provide here in Sussex. 
A gritty open situation suits it but drought does not. Typical alpine really. 
£8 per pot

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