Saturday, 1 August 2009

Osmanthus decorus

Osmanthus decorus, originally uploaded by peganum.
A very smart and hardy evergreen suitable for a wide variety of situations. The foliage is a very dark green with pale mid veins on nicely contrasting maroon stems. The flowers are creamy and honey scented and produced in profusion in spring.
Ideal for rather dull dry sites among trees but not in deep shade (for there, try Skimmia or Sarcococca). Up to 6ft high and across but may be trimmed over after flowering. A reliable, adaptable shrub, not often seen, and apparently endangered in the wild.
3L pots ~ £10

Tinantia pringlei

Tinantia pringlei, originally uploaded by peganum.
A hardy Mexican relative of the popular houseplant Tradescantias. It dies back completely in winter but comes back strongly from the roots in spring forming a dense ground-cover. The foliage is black spotted (not diseased) and there is a succession of the little three-petalled mauve flowers through the summer.
Completely hardy through the last few winters here in Sussex, and in fact inclined to turn up in unexpected places around the garden.
clumps lifted from the ground - £5 

Please please please, may I humbly request that you check with me that the plants you require are in stock before you order? Otherwise we'll have to arrange refunds. 

Thank you so much.