Monday, 6 July 2015

Two hardy Crassulas

Crassula is a huge genus of mostly tender succulents from Africa. Two species however have proved hardy enough, given a well drained soil and full sun, to do well in UK gardens.

Crassula sarcocaulis
Crassula sarcocaulis
A neat little succulent shrub, like a tiny bonsai tree with narrow green leaves and heads of rich pink flowers in summer.
Crassula sarcocaulis
Very tough – at least in the south and west of the UK, and especially if kept on the dry side in winter.
1L pots ~ £8

Crassula sarcocaulis alba
Exactly the same as the common pink-flowered plant but with – you guessed it – white flowers
3in pots ~ £6

Crassula sp. 'mossy'
Crassula sp
An unnamed species, almost certainly from southern Africa – forms a minuscule film of tiny green leaves on the surface of the compost – very like a moss, but sprinkled with rosy pink flowers in summer. Best not too hot and dry and seems more likely to survive the winter with some shade and moisture.
Crassula sp
Don’t be alarmed when the whole thing seems to dry up and blow away in autumn – it comes back in spring. Remarkably tough and easy given sun and good drainage – perfect with miniature bulbs or under dwarf shrubs.

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