Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Iris confusa Martyn Rix

Iris confusa
One of the peculiar evergreen 'shrubby' irises - that is, the usual iris fans of foliage develop at the top of green bamboo-like stems up to 18ins off the ground. The frilly mauve flowers appear on further stems above in spring and may be followed by further fans of leaves. The total effect is quite exotic and somewhat orchid-like.
These plants are cuttings from a colony growing vigorously in dry shade in a local garden and have been unaffected by the recent harder winters.
1L pots ~ £7

Monday, 9 August 2010

Sophora davidii

Sophora davidii
A very lovely medium sized evergreen shrub with fresh green pinnate foliage and white flowers tinted dark violet. The more vigorous stems are also dark violet and can be a feature in winter. The seed pods too are a bit unusual.
Adaptable and easy in any well drained sunny site.
5L pots ~ £14

Silene zawadskii

Silene zawadskii

If you have ever admired the fresh white blooms of the white campion but wished it wasn't quite so weedy this might be the answer. This 'alpine' version is very neat and adaptable.
3in square pots ~ £5

Silene zawadskii