Sunday, 29 July 2012

Euonymus nanus turkestanicus

Euonymus nanus turkestanicus
A creeping evergreen species, quite different to the others with small narrow dark green leaves along wide-spreading stems. The leaves turn rich red brown shades in winter.
Codonopsis rotundifolia angustifolia
The flowers, though small, are plentiful and well worth looking out for. Small red spindle berries may follow.
Euonymus nanus turkestanicus
Excellent in dry shade but very adaptable.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Alloberberis (Mahonia) nevinii

Alloberberis nevinii 
Most of the Mahonias we grow in the UK are forest dwellers, preferring moist shady conditions, but there are quite a number of species from the drier parts of the USA - now known as Alloberberis - that are rarely seen but well worth having - especially if your garden is well-drained and without much shade.
Alloberberis aff.nevinii
I have plants on the nursery of A.nevinii collected from cultivated plants in California by Dennis Carvalho. The foliage has a marvellous colour and form - the pale veined coppery red new growth turning to sea green, and has an unusual thin scratchy texture. The flowers are a fresh soft yellow and are followed by red fruits.
Alloberberis aff. nevinii
Ultimately they will make quite a dense shrub eventually up to 4 or 5 feet high. Fully hardy and very drought tolerant.
1L pots ~ £16

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hypericum kalmianum

Hypericum kalmianum
Hypericums can seem a bit ho-hum to most keen gardeners I admit but there are some interesting ones. In this case I think the appeal is in the distinctive low rounded habit and the contrast of the fresh yellow rounded flowers with the neat elliptical sea-green leaves.
Hypericum kalmianum
Like other shrubby Hypericums though, it's easy to please and flowers over a long period in summer. Not at all weedy, and completely hardy.
2L pots ~ £8

Friday, 20 July 2012

Calycanthus occidentalis

Calycanthus occidentalis
A lovely lush medium sized shrub from California with fresh green aromatic leaves and good sized rich pink flowers over a long period.
Calycanthus occidentalis
I have no real idea why, with the popularity of C.sinensis and its hybrids, this one isn't a lot better known
Calycanthus occidentalis
Easy and hardy in the garden.
5L pots ~ £22