Saturday, 28 July 2012

Californian Mahonia

Mahonia ex nevinii
Mahonia ex nevini
Most of the Mahonias we grow in the UK are forest dwellers, preferring moist shady conditions, but there are quite a number of species from the drier parts of the USA that are rarely seen but well worth having - especially if your garden is well-drained and without much shade.
Mahonia ex fremontii
Mahonia ex fremontii
I have two seed strains on the nursery, one collected from M.nevinii, the other from M.fremontii (both collected from cultivated plants in California by Dennis Carvalho). Neither have flowered much yet but the foliage has a marvellous colour and form - the pale veined coppery red new growth turning to sea green, and has an unusual thin scratchy texture. Overall they look most like nevinii.
Ultimately they will make quite a dense shrub eventually up to 4 or 5 feet high. Fully hardy and very drought tolerant.
These species are now included in a genus separate to Mahonia - Alloberberis
1L pots ~ £12