Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Miniature umbellifers for sunny well drained situations, especially with alpines and low Mediterranean plants, bulbs etc. The leaflets are extremely fine and thread-like and make a neat tangle on the ground with the small white umbels above - like a tiny fennel. Perennial and not even slightly weedy.

Athamanta turbith?
Athamanta 'turbith'
Athamanta vestina?
Athamanta 'vestina'
There is some confusion here. I have labelled my plants by the names on the batches of seed they came in but I have yet to confirm their identity. My information suggests that A.turbith should be taller with slightly thinner leaf segments, which from the evidence at hand suggests that the names I was given are the wrong way round. (nb. vestina = turbith hungarica, so they are going to be very close.) Also, my 'turbith' are slightly older, which might explain their larger size.
Either way they're both jolly nice!

Athamanta 'turbith' : 
3in pots ~ £6

Athamanta 'vestina' : 
3in pots ~ £6