Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ugni molinae - 2 forms

I am extremely pleased to learn (from Gary Firth, holder of the national collection of Myrtus and its relatives) that I am growing a distinct form unlike any others he has and he has suggested I give it a cultivar name. Now it just so happens that I've had it in mind to name something after Miss Green, the lady I worked for ten years and who died in 2015. It's especially apposite as the parent plant is in her garden and has been for several decades and she probably got it from one of the many expert nurserymen she was friends with back in the day. So here it is -

Ugni molinae Miss Green
Ugni molinae
A modestly sized Chilean species with neat glossy rounded leaves and equally neat rounded white flowers in summer, followed by masses of dark red berries that scent the garden with (to me at any rate) toffee apples. Not a bad flavour - a bit like apples. Can't resist scrumping a few every time I pass.
Ugni molinae fruits
Suitable for sheltered woodland but flowering and fruiting best on a sunny wall. The parent plant was quite badly damaged a couple of winters ago but fully recovered very quickly. A perfect ‘ericaceous’ plant for those of us without acid soil.
Compact hardy form - very free fruiting
Sold out

Ugni molinae PAB 1347
Ugni molinae
Previously identified as U.candollei - this taller more open form is perhaps less hardy but more elegant. Provide shelter and/or grow among other shrubs. Very choice. Thanks to Gary Firth for this.
Ugni molinae

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