Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New Abelias

Abelia are very popular with gardeners - especially the perhaps too well known hybrid grandiflora. It is quite a varied genus though including evergreen and deciduous species, hardy and not so hardy, early and late flowering species, some with jasmine-like fragrant flowers and others with larger, more colourful but scentless flowers. (To reflect this diversity the group has recently undergone taxonomic revision, which I am generally in favour of, but for the time being I'm using the old system.)
I was given cutting material and young plants of several Abelias from Peter Catt last summer. Some are already ready to go.

Abelia engleriana
Abelia engleriana
Soft mauve pink lightly scented flowers, with clear orange markings inside, over a long period in summer. A medium sized arching shrub to 6ft, evergreen in mild localities but deciduous in cold winters. Best with shelter.
4L pots ~ £14

Abelia sp. from Peter Catt
Abelia sp from Peter Catt
Very excited about this one. I need to get the source details from Peter. Soft rosy white flowers with orange inside among relatively large (2in) very shiny foliage (Abelias are not known for their attractive foliage.)
Abelia sp
This species seems to have an unusual trailing habit, so would be ideal for a bank or raised bed or perhaps a large pot. It's certainly choice enough to be worthy of a prominent place on the patio
Has so far proved very vigorous and easy. Hardiness has not been well tested but seems good so far.
4L pots ~ £16