Wednesday, 3 July 2019

More Euonymus

Euonymus occidentalis
Euonymus occidentalis
A modestly sized species with rich red/maroon flowers and good quality deciduous foliage. The fruits are pink capsules with orange seeds.
Euonymus occidentalis
I've been very impressed with the quality of this American species - perfect for mixed woodland plantings.

Euonymus obovatus
Euonymus obovatus
Another North American species - this time a low and creeping, with pale greenish pink flowers followed by pink warty capsules opening to reveal orange seeds

Euonymus clivicola rongchuensis HIRD 103
Euonymus clivicola rongchuensis and Akebia longeracemosa
A very slender graceful evergreen Asian species related to cornutus with delicate brownish flowers giving way to strange narrow lobed fruits holding the usual orange seeds.
Euonymus clivicola rongchuensis
An easy and fairly vigorous woodland species

Lindelofia anchusoides

Lindelofia anchusoides
Or L.longiflora - the naming of this plant seems very confused. Anyway, an unaccountably little grown Cynoglossum-like plant with intense azure flowers over dense clumps of leaves. Not at all coarse
Lindelofia longiflora
Hardy and easy in a sunny well-drained place