Thursday, 4 July 2019

Mirabilis longiflora

Mirabilis longiflora
A glorious night-scented species - the fragrance redolent of tropical evenings. (The very long-tubed white flowers are typical of plants pollinated by moths.) A low spreading perennial with rather sticky green foliage.
xeric bed
I originally assumed it would need a dry winter but it is hardy and vigorous in the border at the nursery. In colder, wetter climates it would also be fabulous in a big terracotta pot on the patio, right next to where you sit of an evening, where you can enjoy the scent with your prosecco and BBQ.

Iochroma australe

Acnistus australis dark purple
A vigorous and tough South American shrub with nodding funnel shaped flowers in various shades of purple and also white.
Acnistus australis pale purple
Seems remarkably hardy in many parts of the UK, given a sheltered sunny situation and can make a very big vigorous shrub against a warm wall. Hard pruning after flowering is recommended.
Acnistus australis white
This has had quite a few scientific names including Acnistus and Dunalia.
Please let me know which colour you'd like

Sandersonia aurantiaca

Sandersonia aurantiaca
An exquisite diminutive relative of Gloriosa with delicate orange or yellow lantern-shaped flowers in summer on slender semi-climbing stems.
Sandersonia aurantiaca
From southern Africa, this is very nearly hardy given a dry winter and a warm sheltered spot. Otherwise an easy pot plant for a frost-free greenhouse.