Thursday, 21 October 2021

Unnamed Paeonia hybrid - single cream with cherry pink edge

Paeonia hybrid
This was given to me as a small bit of tuber about 30 years ago - I forget who from - and it has been with me ever since. 
Paeonia hybrid
I know nothing more about its origins but it's been a wonderful strong grower wherever I've had it, forming a dense, rounded clump. Unless someone can come up with a better suggestion I'm going to call it Cherry Pannacotta.
Paeonia hybrid
Many single rounded creamy flowers, edged in pink. The foliage is very glaucous grey green (a bit like mlokosewitschii - a possible parent - but the leaflets are narrower), and strongly tinted purple in spring. Does not set seeds.
Paeonia new growth
Substantial newly potted roots, probably big enough to flower, in 3l pots.