Friday 10 July 2009

Hydrangea serrata Kiyosumi

Hydrangea serrata Kiyosumi, originally uploaded by peganum.
Hydrangea serrata Kiyosumi
A typical lacecap Hydrangea in many ways but with two unusual features - the sterile florets around the edge of the inflorescence are white, edged with pink (but tastefully so), and the new foliage is a rich maroon red.
Hydrangea serrata Kiyosumi
A striking small shrub (about 4ft high) for semi-shade on most soils as long as not too dry (including chalk. Hydrangeas are among those plants often believed to be lime-haters. This is not the case.)
2L pots ~ £9


Laura Bloomsbury said...

Just wanted to say that the 2 plants I had from you last year are really doing well - the leaves are a lovely dark purple. Most unusual and pretty hydrangea

Steve Law said...

I'm extremely pleased to hear it.