Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hardy Impatiens

I keep on telling people that these things are hardy but they don't really believe me. The look on their face says 'Yes but not really', and I say, no, they've all survived outdoors in the ground both here and on our heavy soil at home, and they still don't really believe it, but I can promise you. There is in fact a narrow shady raised bed at the nursery only 6ins deep over the Mypex where three of them - arguta, uniflora and puberula are in danger of taking over. They even seem to do quite well in dry shade under shrubs. Almost too good to be true.
People are always wanting plants for shady places that flower on and on all summer. Well here they are. Come and get them...

Impatiens arguta, originally uploaded by peganum.
Impatiens arguta
Impatiens arguta
A vigorous and hardy species with long tubular purple flowers on red stems. Ideal for moist shady situations and flowering all summer. My stock plant here is about 2ft high and has come through the last few winters without trouble. has also grown well in my mum's garden, on a chalky soil, in quite dry shade.
Impatiens arguta
A large plant in the border at the nursery in late October. What's not to like?
2L pots ~ £6

Impatiens uniflora
Impatiens uniflora
In many respects a miniature version of arguta with dainty little rosy pink flowers. Just as vigorous though, spreading underground. Another ideal plant for providing late summer and autumn colour even in deep (but not too dry) shade.
Sold out

Impatiens omeiana
Impatiens omeiana & Corydalis Blackberry Wine
Probably the best known of the hardy Impatiens, and a bit of a classic. There are several forms in cultivation and in this one the leaves are a very dark velvet-green with strong pale variegation along the veins and wine red undersides. The flowers are amber coloured and appear right at the end of the season. For moist woodsy soils in shade, but not with delicate things as it does run.

Impatiens puberula

Another hardy purple flowered species, this time with soft green, somewhat fuzzy foliage. The flowers are more chubby with dark purple lips and a paler 'bag' behind, if you see what I mean.
Needs the same conditions as arguta but is more spreading as the stems root where they touch the ground.


Impatiens stenantha
Impatiens stenantha
Another excellent hardy species for exactly the same conditions as the others. The foliage and stems have a distinct wine purple tint.
1L pots ~ £6

Please please please, may I humbly request that you check with me that the plants you require are in stock before you order? Otherwise we'll have to arrange refunds. 
Thank you so much.

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