Monday, 28 September 2009

Nepeta govaniana

Nepeta govaniana & Veronicastrum sp
Quite different to more familiar 'catmints', this is a tall (up to 6ft on rich soils), lightly built perennial with aromatic foliage (reminiscent of lemon balm) and pale yellow flowers. It dies down completely in winter and prefers moisture at the root and not too much heat.
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Persicaria virginiana ~ two forms

Persicaria virginiana Compton's form
Persicaria virginiana Compton's form
This species is not that often offered (except the rather messy variegated form known as Painter's Pallet), possibly because the flowers are quite small but bright red filaments and appear in Autumn. In Compton's they are less obvious and appear later in the year.
Both versions are magnificent foliage plants though - as good as many of the tropical Calatheas and Marantas (prayer plants). The leaf surface has a real lustre - richly coloured in Compton's form and fresh lime green in Filiformis. Both have that odd black chevron - I know not why.
Good solid perennials for any moist soil in sun or semi shade. Height up to 4ft and not at all invasive.
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Persicaria virginiana Filiformis
Persicaria virginiana filiformis
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