Saturday, 22 August 2009

Asclepias speciosa & fascicularis

Asclepias speciosa
Asclepias speciosa
A magnificent and adaptable species making a big impressive plant quickly.
The fleshy pink flowers are of the usual intricate asclepiad design and contrast well with the soft pale foliage.
Asclepias speciosa, Senna hebecarpa and Clerodendron trichotomum fargesii
Almost any soil as long as not too soggy or parched. Works well with other large prairie plants. It can run somewhat so not something for very neat gardens.
3L pots ~ £8

Asclepias fascicularis
Another lovely milkweed from the USA, this one very much a western species. Adaptable and easy here given full sun. A willowy perennial with very narrow leaves and very pretty pinkish white flowers all summer.
We don't see much of Asclepias in gardens in the UK but they are well worth trying. I have a bit of a thing for them.
1L pots ~ £7

Tarantula Hawk - This thing was HUGE - the size of my hand!
Pete Veilleux ( tells me it "grows naturally in seasonally moist locations which are very hot and dry for most of the year. Extremely hardy and a magnet for Tarantula Hawks. Have you seen tarantula hawks? Very interesting and scary critter, but fascinating."