Monday, 26 October 2009

Pelargonium sidoides - the real black form

Pelargonium sidoides
A genuinely hardy Pelargonium, at least if given a sunny, freely drained spot. This one has been in the same south facing site in sandy soil for the last six years. Last winter was the first time it lost it's leaves but it came back as strongly as ever to flower late summer and autumn.
Pelargonium sidoides
There seem to be at least two forms of this species in cultivation in the UK - a bushy plant with flowers of a deep wine maroon, on somewhat shorter stems (which is probably a hybrid, probably involving P.reniforme) and this one which is completely stemless with black flowers on very long stalks. The flowers are quite strongly honey scented, and may be produced in mild weather until Christmas.
Sold out again - sorry - being completely stemless, it provides very few cuttings