Friday 30 September 2011

Rostrinucula dependens

Rostrinucula dependens
There's one to get your lallaker round, as my grandpa used to say (ie it's a tongue twister, for those of you that don't speak Olde Sussex). 
This is definitely turning out to be one of my favourite plants.

The arching habit, elegant 6in blackish sea green foliage and pale bloomy stems and leaf undersides have been a feature all summer. Exquisitely sculpted 3-4 inch pearly white 'catkins' sprout mauve/pink filaments in Autumn. 
Rostrinucula dependensThe whole thing has a most unusual pale/dark effect - restrained but very classy and unlike anything else. I cannot speak too highly of this plant.

To 4ft tall, and not shrubby, despite appearances, so don't worry when it disappears in winter.

Easy in any sunny well-drained site. 
(My sources tell me this is more likely to be R.sinensis. R.dependens has broader leaves, not so white beneath.)
3L pots ~ £9

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