Saturday 28 July 2012

Alloberberis (Mahonia) nevinii

Alloberberis nevinii 
Most of the Mahonias we grow in the UK are forest dwellers, preferring moist shady conditions, but there are quite a number of species from the drier parts of the USA - now known as Alloberberis - that are rarely seen but well worth having - especially if your garden is well-drained and without much shade.
Alloberberis aff.nevinii
I have plants on the nursery of A.nevinii collected from cultivated plants in California by Dennis Carvalho. The foliage has a marvellous colour and form - the pale veined coppery red new growth turning to sea green, and has an unusual thin scratchy texture. The flowers are a fresh soft yellow and are followed by red fruits.
Alloberberis aff. nevinii
Ultimately they will make quite a dense shrub eventually up to 4 or 5 feet high. Fully hardy and very drought tolerant.
1L pots ~ £16

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