Thursday 20 September 2012


All these plants are in large pots now

Helwingia chinensis
Helwingia chinensis
A peculiar evergreen woodland shrub which makes its flowers on the upper surfaces of the leaves (the flower stem is fused to the midrib). This on its own makes it a botanical curio, but it is also a pleasant and intriguing species with dark glossy leaves, maroon tinged when young, and an attractive upright habit.
Helwingia chinensis
In good years, red berries will appear, also attached to the leaves. An excellent small to medium sized shrub, best in moist sheltered woodland. Hardy but better with shelter from too much sun and wind.
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Helwingia himalaica
Helwingia himalaica
A slight variation on the above. 
Helwingia himalayensis
Equally nice but with leaves a little bigger and if anything, the new foliage is even glossier.
Hardy but best in moist sheltered sites. Hates freezing winds.

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