Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sussex Prairies Plant Fair

Sussex Prairies plant fair
Once again we will be at Sussex Prairies on Sunday, September 1st. This is the only fair we do at the moment (us not having a van as yet, and it being just down the road from the nursery) but it's good hectic fun and a great opportunity to chat to fellow plant nuts.

Sussex Prairies itself is famed for its immense Prairie plantings (lots of grasses and giant herbaceous perennials in huge drifts) set around a geometrical pattern of broad grass fairways. For the fair there are also sculptures to look at (and buy) and a huge selection of specialist nurseries, including some from the continent.

Please feel free to contact me in advance if you would like to reserve some plants to pick up at the fair.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Rudbeckia maxima

Rudbeckia maxima
An extraordinary tall species without the overwhelming bulk of so many of the sunflower fraternity. The large upright glaucous paddle-shaped leaves make an attractive cluster at ground level through the spring, then the very tall (anything up to 10ft tall!) flower stems appear in late summer, each with a classic black and gold cone flower at the tip.
Rudbeckia maxima
If you grow it among taller plants the basal leaves tend to be spoiled so best placed among low growing plants at the front of the border, or as an isolated specimen, perhaps in a (not too dry) gravel garden.
For any retentive soil in sun.
4L pots ~ £9