Monday, 29 July 2013

Cynara humilis

Cynara humilis 
Cynara humilis
An exquisite dwarf cardoon to 18ins high and the same across, making rosettes of finely cut dark
green spikey leaves on the ground and relatively large vivid violet thistle heads. Wonderful.
Cynara humilis
For dry sunny sites.
Sold out - sorry

Cynara humilis white flowered form
Cynara humilis white
Often white forms do not compare well with the basic forms but this is at least as good. The
narrow filaments remind me of white chocolate cake decorations. Gorgeous.
Many thanks to Sal Soares for the seed.
3L pots ~ £9

Four Prairie legumes

Desmodium canadensis
Desmodium canadense
A hardy herbaceous perennial species from the USA with 3ft stems, fresh green pinnate foliage and loose sprays of bright pink pea flowers. Totally hardy and adaptable in any soil.
1L pots ~ £7

Petalostemon (Dalea) purpureum
Dalea purpurea
A small upright prairie plant related to Clover but you wouldn’t know it. The flowers are more like a Teasel. A nice understated addition to the prairie planting with grasses, Helenium, Sidalcea, Oenothera and the rest. Retentive or dryish soils in sun.
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Desmanthus illinoinensis
Desmanthus illinoinensis
A fully hardy herbaceous perennial mimosa with incredibly fine (tripinnate?) green foliage and white fluffy flowers. Any soil in sun.
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Orbexilum pedunculatum psoralioides (Psoralea psoralioides)
Orbexilum pedunculatum
A subtle little legume with soft mauve spikes of flowers, suitable for interplanting with other North American Prairie species like Callirhoe involucrata. Quietly pretty.
1L pots ~ £7