Monday, 12 August 2013

Zaluzianskya ovata orange centred form

Zaluzianskya ovata two forms
For those who don't know it, Zaluzianskya ovata is a small herbaceous perennial commonly sold for rockeries, front of the border, bedding or hanging baskets (which gives you some idea how easy going it is). The main attraction is the flowers which, as with night scented stocks, open in the evening and fill the air with fragrance. (In the day time all you can see is the wine-purple backs of the petals.)
This form is exactly the same except that (you guessed it) each flower has a bold orange blob at the centre, which I think, makes them much more eye-catching, and the foliage seems better too - more compact and a darker green. The picture shows both types side by side so you can compare.
For sunny well-drained sites, and usually fairly cold hardy but take cuttings if in doubt.
Sold out for now