Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Miss Green died last week. She was 96

Miss Green died this morning. She was 96
I've worked at Pool Meadow for the last 10 years and Miss Green has been the most excellent person to work for - always interested in new and interesting things for the garden even up to a few weeks ago when we went to Plantbase and bought a whole load of new and wacky Australian and South African plants.
She also made a huge contribution to the setting up of Brighton Plants - both financial and letting me take cuttings and seeds from her collection, and just generally trusting and encouraging me. Brighton plants would probably exist without her input but it wouldn't be anything like as good as it is. I am hugely grateful and everyone who knew her will miss her terribly.

Please have a look at the Pool Meadow set on Flickr to have a look at her garden.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Iris attica yellow

Iris attica
One of a number of exquisite miniature bearded Iris species from the eastern Med and western Asia.
Iris attica
Requires excellent drainage, full sun, and protection from excess wet in winter (and spring slugs) but is fully cold hardy. Ideal for troughs and raised beds.
10cm pots ~ £5

Epimedium epsteinii

Epimedium epsteinii
A choice species with broad white petals and dark maroon red spurs. The new foliage is copper tinted. Needs the usual moist woodsy conditions as other Chinese species.
1L pots ~ £7