Monday, 16 February 2015

Classic Perennials

Acanthus spinosus
Acanthus & Lucifer
Not even vaguely rare but a total classic - the big dark green jagged leaves and tall white/maroon inflorescences are a magnificent feature of the late summer garden. Easy and hardy in a wide variety of sites - including heavy soils and dry part shade, but definitely at its best in sunny well drained conditions.
5L pots ~ £10

Euphorbia donii ex Amjillasa
Euphorbia donii Amjilassa
Very smart new growth and heads of acid yellow euphorbiary over a very long period in summer. A splendid species which will grow almost anywhere.
2L pots ~ £8

Corydalis Blackberry Wine
Impatiens omeiana & Corydalis Blackberry Wine
Fruity mauve flowers over ferny foliage. Flowers on and on all spring and summer in almost any conditions.
1L pots ~ £5

Geranium sinense
Geranium sinense

Obviously close to G.phaeum but maybe better. It's a matter of opinion I suppose. Certainly a darker black flower than most phaeum, and with a nice touch of red, and a more trailing habit. Another easy and adaptable species.
Vine weevils ate the roots. Very cheesed off about that

Gentiana asclepiadea
Gentiana asclepiadea
The Willow Gentian - a beautiful late flowering perennial seen all over Central and Eastern Europe in mountains and forests. This batch is from seed collected in a naturalised colony in East Sussex, white as well as blue - please ask. Best in a retentive woodsy soil but adaptable and lime tolerant.
sold out - more next summer