Tuesday 21 February 2017


I thought it might be good to show potential customers how much trouble I take over packing up your goodies. Some people I know are wary of mail order plants - and I've seen some dreadful examples of packing over the years - small plants rattling around in a big box - compost everywhere, broken stems, buds knocked off, soaked disintegrating boxes. I've had only one real disaster among all the consignments I've sent out and when I got it back it looked like someone had stood on it.

1. Any surface crust, moss, liverwort, weeds or other debris is removed

2. paper is used to hold the compost in place

3. the paper is taped in position so nothing can rattle loose in transit

4. the pots are enclosed in plastic bags, mainly to stop the box getting wet

5. this is my packing material stash - all recycled. I've never had to buy paper, bubble wrap, bags or boxes

6. packed as tightly as possible in a box

7. these packing balloons are excellent for cutting down on weight. Otherwise I use shredded paper

8. taping it all together

9. finished off with document pocket and FRAGILE tape

10. packing a taller shrub requires a slightly different method

11. bubble-wrapped to avoid knocking the buds off. The canes are to brace it against the side of the box so that if the box is turned upside down, the heavy pot won't break the stem

12. like this

13. then packed in with the smaller pots and packing balloons as before
And I don't charge you for any of this!

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